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Thursday, June 17, 2004


It's funny walking around Seattle today because I feel a kind of affinity with the place - I'm recognising certain roads and features of the neighbourhoods, but completely missing others. It hasn't been that long since I was last here, but there's still a lot I kind of only half recognise, but that's the most interesting half for sure.
I managed to change my flight details to early August instead of late July, but now I'll have to go to the airport specifically to pick up a new ticket. For some reason they can't just give me an eTicket number to use instead of my paper ticket, so I have to do the whole trek down and back, which is a whole pain. Like all other cities, the airport is in a kind of scummy part of town which is a million miles away from anywhere you'd actually want to be, making the trip long and tedious.
Had a whilstlestop tour of the new city library which was a blast - photos and stuff when I get to a house that has sensible computing equipment that can deal with USB for my camera... and the like.
I decided that just for today I'd put Virginia Woolf on hold and do some comfort reading, so after talking with the friends I'm staying with, Harry Potter 5 was brough forth. I know it's basic and stupid, but it's the kind of thing which is really easy to get lost in with no effort, and I know the story already so I hardly have to pay attention. I'm enjoying reading it.
Back to the book then.


At 6:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you told us why you are moving to seattle for the summer? i have no idea. i am going there with my boyf in a few days to do some hiking and relaxing.


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