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Monday, June 14, 2004

Editing the Chinese

Which of the following can the seagulls do?
  • Swimming

  • Laugh

  • Bark

  • Dances

  • Fly

  • As I was looking through emails today, I came across a missive from my dad about a Chinese student of his. This woman needed some proofreading of a test she was setting to some of her students 'back home'. I'd agreed to do this for her, as the test really needed a bit of sharpening up.
    Problem is, I'd forgotten about her, and the document. Now I'm going through it, thinking... who cares about the seagull, someone tell it to shut up! But the one thing the thing shows is how tedious language testing is all around the world, that it's no different in China to how it is in Europe. Eugh.


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