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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Van Gogh to Mondrian

pictureAt the Seattle Art Museum. I want to go and see it, might as well since I'll be around... I feel in an arty mood. After the Hopper, my thinking head has come back on. Whenever I go for a period of actually having enough sleep and not thinking things through too much, I become keen again to think about art. This could be perfect. On one of the first days in Seattle I could use my jet-lag time to go into the museum really early and before the rest of the day's crowds arrive, and potter about. So many people deride the Seattle Art Museum for its building, that I think it'd be nice to go and just have a look again. I can hardly remember it.
But anyway, Van Gogh, I love his work. A couple years ago when randomly going round a Costco like store here in England I came across their book section. The fact that they had a book section seemed funny to me as the people who shop at these places seem to be much more television people than book people. Anyway, atop the pile of books was a Taschen collection of Van Gogh work which included colour illustrations of every work he produced, or at least every piece known in the public domain. I gave the book to my sister for a birthday or something a few weeks later because she's also a massive fan. His work is certainly an inspiration - if you can't think of colours to paint a room, need inspiration for a painting you're doing or just want to look at how he uses light, Van Gogh's book is ideal. So now I feel quite familiar with his work and would love to go - and my trip this summer is all about this kind of thing - almost impromptu visits to places just because it's possible.

Van Gogh to Mondrian: Modern Art From the Kröller-Müller Museum.

"Seventy-five masterpieces of modern painting and sculpture from one of Holland's premier museums will travel to the Seattle Art Museum. Van Gogh to Mondrian features major works by Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso, Ferdinand Léger, Piet Mondrian, and Vincent van Gogh, many never previously exhibited in the United States. Jointly organized by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and the Kröller-Müller Museum, in Otterlo, The Netherlands, Van Gogh to Mondrian will travel to only two venues in the United States"



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