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Friday, June 11, 2004

My head aches

I was out last night with the rest of the crowd, though the old faithful were not up to their normal stunning form. My two best dancing queens deffed out on me and I was left to boogie the night away without them! What will I do when I don't have the option of being silly, playing fun dance with them? That's not a question I like to contemplate.
Anyway, I was out really late last night and only got to sleep around 4AM. As a result I'm knackered today and have just foolishly agreed to meet up with my old friend Kay for a little drink. I haven't seen her for ages so we'll get together around a bottle of wine and she'll tell me what it is she claims will give me a heart attack. It must be some great news, she seemed evasive and as though she had a good story to tell. Slander here I come! Posted by Hello


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