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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


And then I must have slept with some grit or something in my eye because I now have the most raw feeling across my eyelids. The pain and irritation... I'll just have to remember to drink loads of water.
So the UK Independence (right wing reactionary take-UK-out-of-Europe) party did well in the European elections that were held in Britain on Thursday and counted Sunday. They're such as pathetic group - supposedly Britain doesn't have enough money to help support the EU, the EU is 'costing' England 'billions' and because of 'Europe' 'we' are being flooded with 'illegal immigrants'. Absolute rubbish of course, but if you're not informed about any basic economics and/or are an unbelievably selfish person who can't see the benefit of raising the living and social standards of over 450 million people (link). OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE, others really aren't that bad, just because they're from Poland and grow the wheat that makes our bread.
Anyway, that was all, it was kinda sad how people think.
And also, English footballers are rubbish under intense pressure. For over 45 minutes they led the way against France 1-0, and then during the three minutes of extra time at the end, gave away two fouls right in front of the England goal, leading to two penalties and then two goals. Nice. They panic under pressure, and go into critical defence mode. Or something. Difficult to not get annoyed by it, even though I hardly care about football, but you just get swept up in it all...
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