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Saturday, June 12, 2004

That's one of the list finished

amazon.co.uk - The Fencing MasterI'm done with The Fencing Master. What a great book, and a really quick read too. I started it, when was it, Wednesday and finished it this morning. I'm the slowest reader the world has every seen so, although I'd read 100 pages by Wednesday night, I didn't really do that much until Thursday night/Friday morning. With the alcohol keeping me awake I read all but the last twenty or so pages of the novel, leaving the ending for a more lucid moment. I love how fast this book is to read - it's not bogged down with side stories and grandiose plots. Many of the books I read appear to do this a lot, attempting to create so much background for the main plot that you loose interest in what's happening.
The Fencing Master is skillfully edited down to keep just the bare storyline of what's relevant, and this results in a quick and yet steadily paced novel that retains the reader's interest right to the beautifully executed ending. I can't praise it enough.
Now I'm onto a completely different kind of book, To the Lighthouse but I'm sure with time I'll enjoy it too.


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