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Sunday, June 13, 2004

I don't think I'm the best at this

This, being the whole time zone advance adjusting attempt. My eyes are constantly shouting 'stop it, just go to sleep', and every night over the last few days I feel like an alcoholic - as though I've been drinking really heavily the night before to explain the dry mouth, dry eyes, shit skin and general lethargy. But I haven't. No matter how much blacking out I attempt, I can never successfully block all the light from coming through my windows, so despite my wishes of not waking before noon, I have no choice.
I'm normally waking at eight still, which is better than 6:30 but still not superb. I will myself to stay awake, I eat masses of food to deter my body from the slow wind-down of sleep, but my head doesn't want to resist. My eyes are drooping and it's not even midnight. I'm such a wimp.


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