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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Georgie went to church today

And he decided to tell everyone else how to behave. From the pulpit.

"in addition to other kinds of prevention, we need to tell our children that abstinence is the only certain way to avoid contracting H.I.V."

As audience members shouted "Yes!" in response to his words, he said, "It works every time."

Cries of "Every time!" and "That's for sure!" answered from the pews.
Groups that have consistently criticized Mr. Bush's AIDS policy seemed nonplused. No one on a 1 p.m. telephone news conference held to denounce the speech had listened to it.

Does anyone really take Bush seriously on the whole AIDS issue any longer or is it merely like tapping on the glass of a caged baboon - wanting to try and provoke a reaction, any reaction, good or bad - just to show that the animal slumbering inside is really alive. It seems the Bush policy on AIDS is to try and ignore it as long as possible, then spout some rhetoric about it, and then finally drip some money into some Christian groups that deal with the 'problem'. No consistency, no collaboration, no vision.
It's not right.
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