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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The city was busy

This is the famous wobbly bridge which had to be closed for a time after the paedestrian traffic over it was making the bridge sway from side to side as people walked (accidentally) in step across the length of it. To be honest when I'd walked across it before the engineers carried out modifications, putting in massive springs in the foundations, I didn't notice any swaying. Some people had reported feeling sea sick. I'm thinking they were just a bit lightweight anyway.
It's a bridge only for foot traffic, making the crossing from Tate Modern to St Pauls cathedral a very pleasant and exhaust free trip. This view is coming from one of the Tate's windows in the Hopper exhibit, just in line with the span of the bridge. Lucky I suppose. The 7th June was, I'm told, the hottest day of the year so far, and believe me, walking around town all day with bags and such, it was hot.
By the time we got back to our car for the drive 'up north again, we decided to buy shitting cheap t-shirts from H&M to attempt to feel slightly less sweaty. Of course there was no H&M around, so we had to have Marks and Spencer - a doomed place I hadn't set foot in for several years. I know why that is now, as the chain is chocked full of rubbish. It wouldn't be so bad if they halved the amount of product they sell, but the stores are just too full making shopping a tiresome hunt for what you want.
But anyway, it was hot busy and fun, a real London summer day. Posted by Hello


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