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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Sleep last night

Thirteen hours.

I feel now, after being really well rested there, that I should have been doing something with the time other than just lazing in the dark. I should have been getting down with some boy deep under the covers, suffused in his smell, licking everywhere. I ought to have had lots of sex, many times through the night, waking up horny for another quick session. This sounds like fun. If we're both careful we can balance on my beautiful cast-iron bed that creaks and groans whenever you move on it. It's alright normally, I only weigh 70 kilograms, but with two people writhing, the noise would be less discrete. So perhaps I should title this "I wanted to have lots of sex last night, but got lots of sleep instead". That's not very catchy though. It doesn't roll of your tongue like a drop of warm....




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