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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Did I mention that I'm back from York Manchester

And completely knackered. Going out two nights in a row until 3:30 and then waking at 6 doesn't sound too mad, but I dance. I get tired. So did everyone else. Canal street was fun. I'm sure York would have been too.

"Yeah, like, totally!"

And now I feel like shit. I've been off work today due to well thought out forward planning on my part, and I've been wandering around my house with a kind or lurgy where my head just feels like I've been wrapped in very tight towel - can't hear anything right, have a rough and tuble headache that comes and goes, and my whole body aches. Problem is, I haven't had a drink since Saturday night/Sunday morning, so there's no hangover there. Plus, I'd had two bottles of water at about three o'clock Sunday morning - preventative treatment. Shoddy body is all I can say. Almost makes me wish I'd gone for a quiet weekend in York like I'd told my parents!


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