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Thursday, March 11, 2004

out to a film

So we went out to this film tonight. The plan was that it was going to be a big blockbuster of some sort - a summer hit. We get to the screening and they don't tell us anything - on the information screen outside there's a mysterious 'Surprise Film' title instead of the normal details like Finding Nemo or such like. As they won't let us into the screen until just before the movie starts, we spend the last few minutes outside speculating about what's going to be shown. R is saying the new Harry Potter (Azkaban), I'm sticking to Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Of course we have no idea what it's really going to be - we're just messing around.
The whole thing was part of the local film festival and looking to congratulate those who'd helped - in the little speech at the start of the film, the 'director' of the film festival mentioned how a lot of those who'd helped in the organisation were in the house. Whatever.
Anyway, we were in, the film was rolling - having had twenty minutes of ads and trailers. Then the screen goes black and the movie proper starts. Two names show up on the screen which make me grown. I couldn't believe it.
Starsky & Hutch
What a letdown. Rubbish movie, lots of cheesy lines of which a few were funny. There's a reason I'd never been to see a Ben Stiller movie before. It was full of really obvious plot twists and tedious movements of action where, having had a more intelligent audience, they could have jumped and just assumed we'd understand.
One other thing I loved about it was that they played tunes like 'Love Will Keep Us Together' and other such classics out in full - hoping to content the teenage kids out on dates - allowing them to sing along the whole way through and feel like they're 'down wit' the classics. Rubbish.


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