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Monday, March 08, 2004

On Saturday night,
following Friday's trip down Canal street, we did another trip down Canal street, the main bar area in the Manchester scene. Much more organised and, to be honest, upmarket than where I live though of course that wouldn't be very hard. Amonst others, we saw Queer, Prague Five, Baa Bar - where I was forced into downing seven shots in about an hour - massive for lightweight me! Spirit was by far my favorite, a less Ben Sherman led crowd. Plus, they were younger in general without being tacky, student focused discounts and such. We also did Bartholomew and Velvet, neither of which were really different from the rest of the crowd, though this didn't make them bad at all - the quality of place there is great. Residents of Manchester don't have to put up with bad service, lame DJ's or expensive drinks - the choice is there.

Cruz 101 was for Friday night - rubbish, don't bother. The place didn't wake up until about midnight. When we got there at ten past eleven, there were only two other people in the club. If you shut at three, it's not worth my while going inside if I'm only going to be there a few hours. Needs work.


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