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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Blink 182 - I Miss You

"Where are you and I'm so sorry
I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight
I need somebody and always
This sick strange darkness
Comes creeping on so haunting every time
And as I stared I counted
Webs from all the spiders
Catching things and eating their insides
Like indecision to call you
and hear your voice of treason
Will you come home and stop this pain tonight
Stop this pain tonight"

It's the most morbidly sick song ever, but at the same time beautiful and haunting. I find myself having to repeat the song on my computer again and again - the best ad for filesharing ever, which if I didn't have, couldn't enthuse about the song, and wouldn't care. The style of the band here has shifted so much away from their earlier shouting. Though they were never Sum 41 noise, this song is clearly an improvement in harmony and tempo. I wonder how they'd approach it live - whether they'd go over the top on guitars as most bands appear to, or stick with the vocal rich version as on the single. The close-in sound of the con


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