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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

So I didn't go to the club

But instead went to a pirate-themed party with my sister and parents. It's been a while since I went anywhere with my family, so it was interesting. We all had to - on pain of death - dress up in fancy dandy clothes, as the host (a girl called George) had been threatening people that if they arrived in anything less than a spectacular gettup, they'd be turned away at the door. Needless to say, in my 'vintage' Kenzo puff trousers and tight t-shirts, I arrived with enough flair to be welcomed whole-heartedly. My parents looked like complete dupes - hook fashioned from coat-hanger and so forth - that we left them to fend for themselves in the 'standing up and getting bored' room, whilst exploring the house for ourselves. My sister and I make a rather good double act - especially when I can see the boys oogling her and use this to relentlessly tease her the next week. They're clever boys though, so were relatively subtle about it - especially since I was sitting just a few seats from her. Ahhhh.... the older brother!


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