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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

My boss left today

She cried as we parted. I'm going to use her as a cover to go gay clubbing in Manchester in a few weekends time so when we were saying our goodbyes she told me I'd have to visit her soon and REALLY be there that time. Odd to think that I'll miss my boss, as she's my boss and if all goes well in the world of work you're supposed to hate your boss. She was great though - one of the most kind, bitchy, sincere, self effacing and loud people I've ever met. I can't think of a bad thing about her. I know this is boring to read, I know it sounds stupid, but I'll really miss her. As we did our gay French kiss/kiss on both cheeks I wiped the tears from her eyes and she said told me she didn't know why she was crying; she'd had an exhausting and overwhelming time in the store and for most of the time she was with us, was looking forward to leaving. And yet, she also didn't want to go, enjoyed the eccentric staff's personalities, and had a great time. All the best eh!


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