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Sunday, February 15, 2004


"Never used your head
To find out what this whole thing meant

It's not what it seems
But it is
Timothy where have you been?
Timothy where have you been?"

I can't work out what this song is about, but a friend played the album at work today and the song captivated me. It’s melancholy and yet hopeful, lamenting without wailing. The song appears to be about a boy who's either left his girl or has been let down and run away from the problems. You're left wanting to know the problems of the erstwhile companion - to discover why he's disappeared and where he's now 'at'. The lyrics and vocals are simple but clean - rendering the song ideal for quietly singing under one's breath - the kind of sad song that can peculiarly be uplifting on a dark and cold night like tonight.
Sadly, Jet were proclaimed by the NME to the rulers of 2003. NME. It's like a slap in the face - the magazine that all make fun of for hailing a new band each week and honestly loving none of them. NME - what no-one trusts but some still buy for the nostalgia. I'd more likely believe the New York Post on music than the NME. At least with a tabloid you know when you're being bought out. Perhaps Jet would have made more of an impact in the UK if the mag had stayed away. Their website however, still boasts the quote along with a multitude of others from the publication. Poor things - they clearly need new PR management. Great music though.

Audio link of Timothy from the official site.
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