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Monday, February 16, 2004

I worked twelve hours today

And as a result, all the emails I write come out complete gibberish - meaning I have to type each line about four times to make the spelling make sense, the ideas flow and the brain understand. I'm getting the impression that loads of sugar isn't as bad a thing as everyone says it is. To manage to stay alive over the last few days with the manic amount of overtime I'm putting in I've been having to increase my calorific intake by about 1000 calories a day - mostly done by eating candy bars chosed by looking at the ingredients list and seeing which ones have the MOST calories in them. It's a novel approach, but it appears to be working. Sugary, but bearable...
Over the next few weeks I'll be finding ravines in my teeth from the battering they're taking - a smooth ride this 'work' lark is not!


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