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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Farting camels are on the top of the Lycos Viral Chart.

That's sad.
On a related note, I'm free from the 12 hour days. The exhaustion is over and I had a saturday night of staying in, drinking wine, and burning food for a dinner party.
At P's house on Saturday night we shopped and catered for the party where two of the guests called in sick roughly an hour before 'kick-off'. I'd agonised over what to cook for ages, then settled on a dish from Jill Dupleix's newest book "Very Simple Food". It was great, although the parmesan biscuits we'd .made were burnt to a crisp by the oven. We only then found out that the thermostat was faulty. Oops. The rolled oats, raspberry and pear loaf was superb though.
We didn't finish it all last night, so I ate the rest this morning.


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