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Saturday, February 14, 2004

My older sister just phoned me

She only does this when she feels that she owes me something - whether that be in her time or that she's just realised that we haven't 'talked' in ages. It's a situation that doesn't disagree with me - when she's around we never really talk properly but squabble and make asides to one-another. She is, I'm sure, a really fun person to be friends with, but to me she is always an older sister; one who thinks they know better than you, can direct you, and needs to take care of you. When we were struggling for things to talk about mentioned that it had been over a month since we'd last talked. I didn't know this and yet it still didn't mean anything to me. I'm sure if she were to come back to visit we could easily not have a proper 'talk' for over a month. Of course we can skirt around the issues that she might want to talk about and we could deride dreary music - but would still not bond. We've never been close - not talking for a month doesn't make me feel that we should be.


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