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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Piss off.

Anyway. I’ve been grouchy all day because i’ve been so exhausted. Normally, for example, in the morning I’ll bound up and down the stairs of my house to eat breakfast etc even though it’s still 6:30 in the morning. Today I was lumbering along as though the effort needed to move my leg down a step was some extreme sort of torture – which of course it was really. Then when people were being fake ‘funny’ at work today I couldn’t even be bothered to do my normal false interested laugh and stuff – just look down, blink my eyes to try and make them less tired, and yawn internally. What is an internal yawn by the way>?
One of my favourite lines from today was when my friend Vici brought in some angel cakes to our staff room for everyone to eat. One of the lowly management serfs called out ‘did you make one for everyone?’ as though she was only allowed to bring in cakes if she made one for each and every person who wasn’t there at the moment she arrived. She replied, right on cue “I don’t have to be a socialist when I’m baking.”
I love that – SMACK YOU IN THE FACE!
I laughed at that, then went back to hating the place.


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