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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The Balanchine was fun even though he’s dead

The dance was a bit mad - really massive leaps by the principals in the performance of Prodigal Son, but a superb collection. What was just as interesting was seeing all the middle classes corralled together to nibble on tit-bits of common gossip, appear important, and drop lots of cash on expensive entertainment. It's not a cheap hobby but is one that garners one a bit of awe amongst friends. Though all the columnists in papers spout about ballet and other activities being available to the masses, to many people it's still too expensive. I'm not sure there's a lot that can be done about this anyway though - there's already huge subsidy going to performing arts groups so making greater contributions would be seen as poor electoral priorities. Also, those on low incomes don't want to be treated as though they're receiving charity when purchasing a ticket which for them is normally completely out of reach. It's patronising. I'm lucky that a friend of mine could buy my ticket for me - otherwise I wouldn't have spent £55 on the palaver. And the getting there, meals and co.


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