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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

From yesterday's Trendsetters email

"Speaking of the “C” word, now that we’ve all said goodbye to Sex and the City, we’ll miss Samantha uttering that most dastardly of anatomical descriptions. While it was said stateside on cable, in the UK, more than 10 million watching I’m a Celebrity — Get Me Out of Here! heard John Lydon use the “C” word on network TV, and fewer than 100 peeps complained!"

Yes, talking on the most dire of all reality TV shows, populated by faded popstars only famous for their sixpack, a 'glamour' model with bigger balloon breasts than a NASA re-entry shuttle, and further wannabes that no-one really cares about but will pretend might 'just' make a career revival out of the show. The reason no-one got worked up about the event was that - only people who were prepared for bad language would have been watching - after all they see this topless model rolling around in mud with boys all the time in the show. Is that thought to be comparatively tame?


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