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Monday, January 24, 2005

Have some fortitude!

asylum seekersJust as Chrisafer was yesterday asking the US Democrats to have some sort of backbone, today the UK press is asking the 'New Labour' government to hold firm on their immigration stance. The Conservative party, in a desperate attempt to swing right-wing voters back towards their fold, have been calling for caps on the numbers of asylum seekers allowed into the country each year, and swift ("but fair") return to their home country, the country they'd been fleeing.

"It's not racist, as some people claim, to talk about controlling immigration - far from it. It is plain common sense - a vastly underrated quality in British politics today."

My question is this; why is it that I really don't care that the British are being their usual racist selves, why does it all seem so insignificant. When politics swings into action on a European scale, on a US scale - when decisions really affect thousands of people, I begin to care. Now, it's just so small. If I'm reading news from across the globe, the xenophobia of a guy who only won 15 million votes doesn't matter to me; my interest isn't raised. Should I care?

Howard calls for strict immigration cap
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