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Monday, January 17, 2005

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Today is time for a new look. Every so often - especially when I use another computer and find that a feature I thought was working isn't - I snap into a 'new design mood'. Today is that day - and so we have a grey and green look for the site. It's a new mood and a new look and hopefully it'll not crash, have an annoying sidebar halfway down the page or falter when used by IE. For some reason I've had to delete all modifications from my sidebars for IE to understand them - it really doesn't make sense - the Internet Browser from On High seems to be rather picky and even more choosy about what elements of a site it renders correctly. On the other hand, Firefox and Safari have no problems! I don't know; I despaired and so didn't bother trying to fix it for more than an hour - I got fed up.
Now it's a different style that I'll muck around with once my computer's back up and running. For the moment, suffer in a Blogger-induced standard template. It works and doesn't glitch when doing nothing but its basic job: presenting the page.

"Enjoy now! Run along, don't diddle daddle on the road there children. Run! And Y'all have a good time won't you. Have a real good time"


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