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Monday, January 24, 2005

Google makes me better

In reading through goodle's zeitgeist today, I came across a page in which the company details how the google websearch improves people's efficiency through correcting our spelling. The example they gave was that of Britney Spears, the ever present pop-princess. She was Google's number one search query for 2004 and apparently, some people still don't know how to spell her name, for there are thousands of people who had to have their searches corrected by the Google bot. Of course some of this is simply mistyping the new madonna's name, but some people evidently had never seen her name written down, or on a screen or whilst watching tv. There were 332 combinations of errors in spelling her name - and these are just the spellings that occurred when more than one person typed in the query.

1096 britiney spears
   991 britaney spears
   991 britnay spears
   811 brithney spears
   811 brtiney spears
   664 birtney spears
   664 brintney spears
   664 briteney spears
   601 bitney spears

how to spell brytni spears


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