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Friday, January 21, 2005

Spoon me

One of my most cherished friends from this place is leaving.
She's on her way home to another country, across oceans and miles of tundra, cold and heat, vast distances.

Perhaps I'll see her again, perhaps I won't. I hope we keep together. She's going to be married next year to a guy I haven't talked to her about; I know nothing about 'them' and don't know what it'll be like. I'm going to miss her a lot even though we never had a very deep or meaningful relationship.

Tonight, as a going away evening, we're going to get drunk and play Spoons in the bar. She's an expert at getting wasted and having a good time. I'm an expert in taking care of those who get wasted, whilst trying to not get drunk myself. Tonight, both of these activities will be a challenge.

Spoons; the language of silliness and childish play makes the most enjoyable evening wherever you are.


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