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Thursday, December 23, 2004

They so yearn to be gay.

I have been and will be in Bath for the past few days and the next few days. In case you don't know, Bath is a little city in the Ssouth of England, about an hour and a half by train from Central London. It's the playtoy of the quietly wealthy from the Greater London region. Think of the Hamptons but a city. And tall thin houses made of sandstone. The man behind the name, Manolo Blahnik, lives here. It's that kind of place; the boys all have trust funds and the girls all have rhinoplastys.

Since all the well-to-do boys and girls of the town have more money than they know what's good for them, they were out in force today, whilst I wandered about from shop to shop, meandering home from the hospital. What eye candy. The boys in GAP prescribed v-neck layering with chunky scarves, and the girls in uber low cut jeans and gilets. It was a television commercial shoot but without the campy director or the go-go girls making a mess in the distance.

The one thought that struck me was, with they waxed eyebrow, cropped hair, modelled wardrobe and textbook girlfriend, all these boys want now is to be gay. It's the ultimate status symbol of the times - though they'd have a bit of trrouble explaining it to mommy, it'd fit in with their continual grooming and the pretty boy look. Because they are pretty, don't get me wrong, but switching teams, batting 'for the other side' would really make them complete, would circle the square and would make their whole existance finally make some sense!


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