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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hmmm, unsettling.

I don't expect many people to read about the randomness that interests me, the news and reviews that I find intriguing, and as a result, few do. To my great dismay, whilst going trough my out of date posts that my RSS reader collects, I find that I was mentioned on a massive site. Not by URL, but by name. Not by URL because that would be weird and would drive traffic away from the original site, and since it's commercial that's bad. Although I did laugh, quite literally, out loud when I saw the post because I knew it had to be me that he read it from, and yet the lack of the "a href" code made sense. I understood the psychology and it cracked me up.

Just so you know, thanks Joel.


At 10:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im intrigued... at least tell us the name of the big site so we can see the reference ourselves, you can't just leave us hanging like that!!!!
shocking stuff

At 1:02 pm, Blogger Patrick said...

I know right! but that was the thing - leaving it hanging is more interesting!
Do you know Gizmodo>? Big, corporate and yet fun technology blog run by Nick Denton's Gawker Media.... Anyway, the guy who actually writes it, alled Joel, picked up my Westphalia related post. And it was surreal to read, truely odd


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