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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Man of the Year?

Bush, Roosevelt, Churchill
The Drudge Report
has a headline today, just as is shown above, accompanying a photograph of George Bush, declaring him "Man of the Year". I wouldn't care if such a rabidly right wing, pretending-to-be-objective, source such as Matt Drudge declared his love for GW Bush as long as he didn't do it with a photo that shows Bush next to Churchill and Roosevelt. These two men were genuine leaders - they united their countries through times of extreme fear, grief and uncertainty, pulling them through the consequences of a world war that cost the lives of over 60 Million men. Bush has thrown his country into uncertainty through unjustified spending, currency devaluation, job losses and a foreign policy that alienates the rest of the Western world as well as involves invading two unstable countries.

To place Bush next to Roosevelt and Churchill is an insult to the achievements and leadership qualities of those men, men who united rather than divided and men who thought rather than merely reacted. Action is no good if unfocused and unjustified; don't pretend that Bush is either of these things.

UPDATE: Now it seems they've changed it to 'Time Man of the Year' - as though Drudge doesn't wholeheartedly agree. Sneaky. Of course it's only Time magazine that thinks he's great.... yeah.


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