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Thursday, December 23, 2004

IE; Screw you.

So I decide not to leave this mind-dump of mine alone for a few days, I decide to update and keep with it. I wish I hadn't - now I know of a problem I was unaware of before, a problem I didn't want to know about.

All day today I've been fixing my grandfather's computer, and in my boredom I decided to look at what the blog appears like for everyone else. Egads! Not nice - my whole sidebar which looks beautiful and 'together' in my Safari browser, looks great on my 21" at home and looks fine everywhere else I've ever look at the site, looks terrible here. It's all squished down the bottom of the page. I'll have to look at the code when I get home.

I'll be there for all of eight hours before heading off to France so I don't have a huge amount of hope for any improvement.

I can only say sorry to you if it's looked this bad all the time! Sorry.


At 4:17 pm, Blogger Brian said...

I live with the same concern for my carefully formatted blog. Your sidebar does appear at the bottom instead of at right, at least on my equipment and AOL browser. I'm trying to use a fine serif font but not certain that it displays large enough for Mac users maybe certain monitors/browsers. Could you return the favor, take a glance at my blog, and tell me whether the post body font is legible? Thanks. Brian


At 11:44 pm, Blogger Patrick said...

Hey Brian, thanks a lot for that! MORE bad news - just what I need! Well, I couldn't check your site on the same computer because, shame on me, I'd fixed it by the time I read your message. On the other hand I can say that it looks a bit nuts on ie 5.5 for mac. I'm looking at it on an iMac now (hate this thing by the way) and the hanging title letters that you've got - ie the R in 'Rises' and the T for your 'the nutcracker' post, don't work and are center aligned.
On the other hand, on THIS computer my site looks fine! I really don't understand it - everything's too strange when trying to build for multiple browsers. Also, your sidebar is all at the bottom (well, I assume it's supposed to be a sidebar - I've not seen it on another screen). I would use my laptop to do all this but because for some reason, the ADSL modem my cousins have doesn't have an ethernet port and so I'm stuck without. Hence the lack of posting, lack of emails and lack of news. Eugh - so disconnected!

But thanks for the heads up - I'm really going to have to check this out. I'm convinced it's to do with the pagewidth tags. That's the only thing it can be really. Maybe I can specify that [if screen resolution below certain width, then...] kind of thing.
I don't know.


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