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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Governor battles

They're still fighting to have a human in office to lead Washington state.

The Governor battle has taken an ever-more dramatic turn after the lead in the vote re-count has swapped party sides and has gone to the Democrats, with a miniscule ten vote lead. Whilst the 'final' result from this round of recounts will certainly not be accepted outright, this remains an important development if only for the psychological boost it will provide for the Democrats.

from the NY Times:      "After a bitter and protracted recount fight in the Washington state governor’s race, elections officials announced today that the Democratic candidate, Christine O. Gregoire, was now leading her Republican opponent by a miniscule margin of only 10 votes, a stunning reversal of the Nov. 2 election results.
The days events were a serious blow to Dino Rossi, 45, a real estate executive and former state senator, who had been certified the winner of the Nov. 2 vote, after eking out a margin of 261 votes out of almost 3 million cast. He later won a machine recount by only 42 votes. "



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