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Friday, September 17, 2004


pictureIt took so long to get this damn thing to work. I got this with C the other day, and have been trying for hours to make it connect. Though I hate the trackpad on my laptop less than I used to, I still don't have a real love for the thing, and so I got this mouse. It's fabulous - a little dongle plugs into the side of the computer via USB and then the AAA powered mouse communicates via (I assume) bluetooth. There's also a little USB extension cable to the dongle can be placed a little further from the computer - allowing greater reach. My qualm was getting it to work with OS X as there's no documentation on this anywhere that I can find, but somehow, after simply fiddling with the powerbook's system options for mice, it works. It really does 'just work'!

I jumped up and down. Fab little thing - a proper (and small) wireless mouse for my laptop - superb!


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