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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Check out the bits

pictureThis jewelry really is stunning - lots of different pieces of glass and such in an unfussy, unpretentious and graceful arrangement.
If it wasn't so much for girls, I'd want one. Good idea though, if anyone ever needs a bit of sparkle!

I foung this via Meg Hourihan, the Pyra co-founder. They made blogger, not the game for the game cube - Spyro. I always get those two confused in my head, even though I only played the game once with a kid I was babysitting. I liked the game, but was, as with all console games, rubbish at it. For the longest time I also thought it was called Spyra, which sounds rather more sinister. Anyway, 'Meghan' 's blog is fun in a professional and smart way, which I compare with mine which is fun in the self-centered, attention-seeking way...



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