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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Apple screws the UK consumer

Hoping that no-one will notice and that we'll just continue to suck up the price inflation that's been following UK consumers for what feels like the last decade. Thank god for the EU making this kind of thing illegal. And whilst I write this on a brand new Apple Powerbook, I hope Apple and all the music sites get the slapping they deserve. I've long regretted this kind of practice - it's time something was done about it.

"The CA has written to the UK Office of Fair Trading (OFT) explaining the situation and highlighting that the current position is possibly in breach of European law. Under Euro law all consumers in all member states should enjoy the same benefits that the single market brings - it's like if citizens in Seattle had to pay more for their iTunes music than the rest of America. Clearly with a differential between iTunes UK (79p, 1.15 Eu) and Germany & France (0.99 Eu, 67.7p UK) there is not a level playing field. Those UK citizens who understand that they can use either the French or German sites to order directly on find they are charged the UK price if they are not able to supply as an address in either of these countries."



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