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Friday, February 27, 2004

I got home last night and...

falling snow over city rooftopsAnd did the dirty - went to bed. Got to sleep by 9:30 and subsequently had over 9 hours sleep, waking after 6. Superb. Though I did wake up around three o'clock in the morning to take this photo, amongst others, of the falling snow.
The snow was coming down fast, and I took the shots in the blur of half sleep, knowing that when I would arise later in the day, the peaceful undisturbed snow would have already been spoilt by footfalls. There was no-one around and the snow-deaded sound of the city was like it so rarely is - silent. I love this about snow - that whatever remains underneath, the snow makes the surface beautiful and white. That is, until the first taxi comes along to throw exhaust fumes all over it, leaving a dull yellow colour.

That didn't happen here - I just couldn't be bothered to edit out the yellow tinge that occured here. Plus, the light then was looking rather yellow, I'm presuming from all the sodium based street lamps' light being reflected from the surface of the roads back into the sky. This image comes straight from the skylight in my bathroom, a high vantage point, hence the view over my neighbour's houses.

Luckily for me, the snow hasn't really melted today, it's been so cold that there's been little slush created, just lots of salty floors from where the city has laid salt down, people walk through it, pick it up on their shoes, walk it inside. The floor eventually dries leaving you with a salty crush of white on the top of your formerly clean surface. Thanks for that! Let's pray for more snow tomorrow/ tonight. Weather forecast According to the BBC we'll have a minus three and sun! Yah! Oh, and snow! Yah!


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