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Friday, February 06, 2004

Never go to this club

Mainly because it's BORING! I went out with the rest if the crowd last night in a vain attempt to have a good time. We went to our usual haunt, DV8 for a thursday night out. However, having waited 45 minutes in the line outside we decided (on downpour of rain) to skip the idiotic idea and go somewhere else. We'd moved half the length of a car during the wait - not worth it. As a result we headed off to Subway City - a club out in the middle of nowhere, removed from the rest of the scene, completely on its own. Don't go. It wasn't worth it; though the alcohol cheap, that was little use to me - I wasn't drinking. The atmosphere was languid, the DJ pathetic (playing Jamelia up against 80's Jackson), the crowd geriatric. Subway City - somewhere to avoid at all costs.

A couple of us went back to Richie's after for a drink. His spinning skills were more advanced than those I'd paid good money to listen to - and less ear-shatteringly loud! DV8 is forgiven - next time, just deal with the blasted line faster!


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