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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Looking from another perspective...

I can't read the text on this site when I'm looking at it from another computer - that of my grandfather. It looks AWFUL! Oh well, crap breeds crap eh. My grandmother was let out of hospital (sounds like a prison when one says it like that) on Friday and luckily I was here in time for that - all prepared. She looks battered and bruised, but the broken bones are healing and she's in good spirits. My grandfather is another matter - his cold appears to be troubling him more his wife's broken bones are hurting her. The bone rattling cough he mangages to erupt in is more unsettling than any amount of fiddling around with crutches. Also, his independce is something I would seriously question - could he cope on his own without getting sick again - how autonomous is he really? This is the scary thing - my grandmother, who's only just been taken off an emergency recovery ward, would be better able to take care of herself than he would - bumbling around in the middle of the night and making endless collections of useless items; iron filings.
Anyway through all the cooking I've been doing for them I've learnt the meaning of bland food - nothing too adventurous here. If that's what they want to eat, that's what I'll 'jolly well' cook them.


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