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Monday, January 26, 2004

That little curve at your waist

All I'm saying is that the little curve that guys have just above their pelvis is a beautiful and moreover, HOT sight! You get it most pronounced when you're not carrying a lot of weight - it's just disgusting if it's accompanying a beer belly. If you're rather 'trim' -(what a proper English word)- and keep fit, you'll have it. After not having a great line there, I'm getting mine back at the moment. Speaking of which - I'm hungry; was at the gym for two hours today and yet don't feel like I've accomplished much - more of the same and I'm not exhausted. The not exhausted thing is rather nice: for a change my body has enough energy to last the night feeling comfortable rather than hungry. When you're doing as much exercise as I am (my job being like a constant workout) it's really hard to take in as many calories as you need. I ate two energy bars today equalling over 700 calories. It's not like I don't eat - I had enough for two people today, but if you're hungry you gotta eat - especially since I'm still losing weight - 70kgs and falling. Not good. Maybe protein shakes or something.


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