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Monday, January 26, 2004

And over the weekend I was rejected

By my own grandmother. On Friday when I talked to her on the phone she said that she looked 'too bad' for anyone to visit. She said it was all green and pus but that's not exactly a problem. Hello - Mr Million First Aid Qualifications. Gross problems are my speciality. Anyway, she insisted I didn't come down so I had a REALLY quiet weekend instead which was bliss. No hit on my body of drug (and cigarette) fumes from the clubs, no 5AM crashing, no alcoholic downing of drinks. All the same, my mother talked to my grandfather and though he put up a fuss he did really want me to come down - for company more than anything. I'm going down (leave at work permitting) on Thursday or Friday. Should be good. To be honest, he's the one that I'm most worried about - the person who's injured is taken care of by the professionals whilst the ‘support partner’ has to fend for themselves through the trauma of illness and the lack of companionship. He’s got a really bad cold now and I don’t know how he’s eating – he hardly ever cooks. Luckily I do, so presto – chef for the weekend!
My Grandma’s doing well, and is being considered for discharge from hospital soon after her reconstructive surgery on her nose. She’ll pull through I’m sure – a trouper. I hope he knows that though.


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