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Thursday, February 05, 2004

There was the £100 cheque

Having returned from helping my grandparents over the weekend I was kind of thrown in my timing of life. Things weren't happening when I expected them to and I couldn't get into the swing of things. Partly as a result of this I didn't bother to empty the bag I'd taken with me until yesterday - removing all the old books, clothes and general nicknacks that I'd brought down with me 'just in case'. In a side pocket of the bag I discover an envelope addressed to me. On opening, I find a cheque made out for £100 in my name from my Grandfather. I don't know but at the time I couldn't decide whether that was completely inappropriate or just misguided. In a way though I felt bad that he thought that it was the right thing to do - something that I'd want. There's nothing more pleasing than to help someone out when they really need it. It was clear to me that they valued my being there, doing the simple tasks that would have simply been overwhelming otherwise.
I ripped it up and today have phoned them to tell them so. It was the best thing to do - I didn't need the money anyway!


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