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Monday, January 26, 2004

I'm not an English teacher!

I'm not an English teacher!
A friend of mine - who's big on Japanese despite being thrown off an Oxbridge Japanese Degree - pointed me to this site which sells t-shirts with phrases in Japanese printed on them like Americajin ja nai yo! (I'm not American!). $19.99 for one of 'em.

Funny - just noticed one of the phrases/words they offer is Wagamama, the name of one of my favorite eateries/restaurants. It's a chain of noodle bars with a few dotted around the UK, but I've only been to the London Soho establishment. They seat you on long benches whilst waiting for your food. Though the setup has a feeling of school-hall about it - rather municipal, it's very comfortable and the food is AMAZING. As you walk down to the dining floor you pass the chefs chopping endlessly away - lots of carrots and spring onions. Anyway, it actually means Selfish, so I think I there's something going on there - am I being called greedy, or is it just a funny name. Dunno.



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