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Saturday, January 17, 2004

She fell on some uneven pavement

And then was left on a hospital trolley for six hours with her broken bones. Of course when I say 'she' I mean to say 'my 78 year old grandmother'. Following this little wait the hospital decided to put her onto an intensive care ward. She's got osteoporosis too - which doesn't help the bones to heal. My grandmother fell last night on some uneven sidewalk stones and was lucky enough that my grandfather was seconds away next to their car. They got to hospital. I want to visit, but she isn't allowed visitors right now. Well she's allowed but the many medical professionals within my family think it'd be best to wait until next weekend. Guess what I'm doing next weekend - worrying.
I hope she gets well soon. All those bones in red - those are the ones she broken when she fell.
Prayers from those who don't believe are all the more important because we pray using the belief of the person we want well. Her belief doesn't have to be negated through my lack of belief.

UPDATE: Sunday - It appears that she hasn't broken her pelvis, so put a big old cross through that image. All the rest of them are broken though. Some of the breaks have even been called (by my mother) 'good' breaks as they're compression breaks, complex fractures so that there's lots of bone material to knit back together. What would have been bad is if there'd been clean breaks on her arms - meaning that with her osteoporosis the body would have had little to join the pieces back together again. Oh, and also she's broken both the bones in her right arm, rather than just the Radius, the Ulna too. She's a trooper - if she survived working for Margaret Thatcher, she can survive this!


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