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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Best pop act

From a fan page:

"If you haven't been living on Mars for the past year then you will know how this story begins! Popstars, the TV phenomenon. Thousands upon thousands of young hopefuls apply to become the lucky winners of a place in a pop band. Those thousands are pared down to a final talented 10.
Five were finally chosen and became celebrity popstars, lauded by the nation, and the other five? Well they disappear back into obscurity, right? WRONG!"

The five 'losers' were to become the leading group of the Popstars (like PopIdol, but for groups rather than individuals) show. Whilst the winning group from the series - Hearsay - went on to split after just months following massive overexposure and accompanying negative views from the public, Liberty X had to struggle for the attention they received and so became all the more interesting and talented for it. They've matured into one of the most appealing pop acts around at the moment through their drive and their ability to not believe that everything they touch is blessed - they show that they realise how normal they are and how lucky they are to be able to make the music they want to. And the music isn't revolutionary - it's fun, it's popular and it's engaging. It's streamaing on realplayer right now - have a look at their latest single 'Everybody Hurts' below or look for 'Jumpin' or 'Holding on for you' somewhere else.



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