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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Valid Votes - who cares!

From Lockergnome's Technology News comes the news that one of the companies responsible for developing, operating and so also selling ($$) e-voting systems has been hacked or as they put it 'had its security breached'. VoteHere Inc.

From the corporate website: "VoteHere, Inc. is a global software company delivering advanced e-voting technology to election providers since 1996. Our technology ensures that every vote is counted as intended while ensuring voter privacy."
Their news page remains tight-lipped, not giving any details of the hack which reportedly occured in October '03 but the FBI and other agencies wanted them to remain silent.
The identity of the suspected hacker is known, according to a company spokesperson, but no arrests have been made.
And where's the company based - good old Bellevue, Washington - right around the corner from security obsessed neighbour, Microsoft.

link to news story


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