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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Recently in London, some major monuments (including Buckingham palace link) have had seasonal or simply interesting images projected onto their facades.
"Projectors will "wrap" the Palace in a giant Union Jack and also in Christmas wrapping paper.

It is part of the "Brightening Up London" project, backed by celebrities including Bob Geldof.
[ and sponsored by the mobile phone company Orange ]

"The Queen was impressed by Bob Geldof's `Peace and Hope' message projected on to Wellington Arch and gave the go-ahead for the Palace to be lit up," a Palace spokeswoman said.

Nine of London's most famous buildings - including the National Gallery, Imperial War Museum, Tate Britain and the National Theatre - are being illuminated with seasonal images."
See a selection here

I know the even finished a while ago, but I think it was an interesting thing to have done, and something that most could have easily dismissed. I was only reminded of it when browsing this site: http://www.photographyblog.com/ which I somehow stumbled upon today. Much of it is devoted to obvious and uninteresting press releases, but the images shown in the competitions can, at times, be captivating.


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