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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Got my phone back.

I'd left it in the gym on Friday. Well actually, I was expecting a call and so took my phone into the gym whilst doing some weights so that I could catch the call. I must have left it at a piece of equipment and not noticed for about two minutes because I didn't see it when I was done with my next move, so I'm presuming I'd left it for mere moments before it was picked up. I'd forgotten about it on the occasions since then that I'd visited the gym - too many other things on my mind, so it's been just sitting behind a desk. After describing the phone: Erricson, as old as they get, blue and on the Orange network, they go through their found items box. A whilst later they show me the phone after asking my number and trying to call it (battery's dead). To cut a long story short - it's not Erricson - it's a Siemens - I'm dumb, don't really care who made my phone - it WORKS and that's all that matters. I got about twenty messages on there when I get it back. Relief though that it's not completely lost - or stolen.... Imagine the bill I could have had. 200 minute call to Australia, 120 minutes to South Korea...... Phew.


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