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Thursday, January 15, 2004


this was linked on boingboing again yesterday but it's just too great to pass up repeating.
The proprietor of the S-Train Canvass blog runs a Quizno's sub-shop, into which strolled one of his most persistent and obnoxious trolls, and he got to live out one of the blogger's dearest fantasies: confronting a troll face to face and watching him dissolve into a puddle of shame-faced cowardice:

I just smile and say, "Your lookin' at the S-Train" while showing him my right arm tattoo that has S-Train there. You should have seen his face! I mean this guy turns as white as snow and his eyes practically bulge out of their sockets. I just say that I loved the e-mails that you sent me also. And he is straight-up babbling. By this time, some of the other guys on his team see the state he was in and the carnivorous smile on my face. They turn around and asks what's going on. The HOGG Boss doesn't even see them. He is staring at me like I'm going to kill him. He is downright scared. Very scared. Ok, I know I was looking straight-thuggish to him but I was LMAO inside.

So I let him off the hook. I just say that I know you were just jokin' around in your own special way and it is all good. And I offer my hand to shake it. His teammates are positively confused. But the HOGG Boss comes through. He gets himself together and says, "No hard feelings?" I say not at all. He extends his hand and I give him the ol' S-Train thug grip and shake it. I told his teammates that we had a disagreement in a past meeting and we're cool now. The HOGG Boss echos the same thing and they leave.



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