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Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Now I have two stalkers it seems. I've had one at the clubs for a while - a really hot guy who's always watching when I'm dancing with the rest of my friends, and now one at the gym who follows me around in a discreet sort of way - always doing machines just a few feet away from me. I love it. When I'm dancing it feels like a massive compliment because at first I was really self concious about how I danced - having only done ballet before. Now however, I'm fine with it, loving the attention - plus he's a great dancer too which is nice. The gym guy is a bit older but he's still hot, great body and seems to have lots of mates at the gym... I'd never really do anything with either of them - but it's fun, and funny.

Everyone should be watched if they like it.

You out on Thursday? - I haven't been out midweek for so long - can't WAIT!


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