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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

wasting time

I woke up two hours early today, long before my appointed hour, for a class that has now been cancelled for not apparent reason; perhaps the lecturer simply couldn't face it this morning. The worst thing about it, having to sit next to the wet drips who are the Biology students in this place - it's like talking to a defrosting fridge - slow, morose, cold and unaware.


At 5:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey pattie-poo,
the knowledge that our lecturers can deprive us of much needed sleep, and not even engage us with an apology is something that students across the world (or at least western world) can sympathise with..Grr- who allowed them so much power??!
Anyways, hope the course is going okay for you. Maybe you should steer clear of the wimpish bio students- they sound a bit grey- yuk!
Ive just been reading The Stranger, and you can vote for the sexiest person in Seattle! Sounds fun, hey? Wish i knew someone, id make sure to embarass them- or give them an ego-boost;)
Here's my advice: Get some more sleep- ie. do yourself a favor and don't get out of bed one day- you are a first year- it's allowed!
Okay, the lady next door to me is making grody noises in her throat- grimm-i-fied, so im gonna get away from her sharpish, and go home and read some Foucault..
Lots of love and hugs:)

Roisin xx


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